Gather is currently targeted at people who:

  • Use Google Photos to store or backup photos/videos
  • Have photos/videos that they would like to store in Google Photos scattered across various services like Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram
  • Are not interested in spending the time or Internet bandwidth required to manually download and upload years worth of large media files from one place to another

How did I end up with photos/videos scattered all over the Internet?

Google, Facebook, Apple, Dropbox, Amazon, Flickr and several other great companies have created fantastic applications for us to capture and store our memories/moments. Because there are several excellent choices for apps and our friends and family all choose what works best for them, it's easy to end up with memorable photos/videos scattered across different platforms. 

Can't I do this for free?

Yes, however, it will require more time and Internet bandwidth than you might want to devote to the task. Please see our DIY guide for more details.

In exchange for a small fee, Gather offers the convenience of quickly and securely doing all of this for you.

OK, so I have my photos/videos in one place. Now what?

Once you have your photos/videos in Google Photos there is so much that you can do. We've created Google Photos guides to help with use cases people ask us about the most.

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