Follow these steps to get your photos/videos added to your Google Photos library.

STEP 1: Sign in to Gather with your Google account

STEP 2: Select which platforms store the photos/videos you want to copy

You can copy photos/videos from Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. Sign in to the platforms you'd like to copy photos/videos from.

After you sign in, you'll be able to choose which photos/videos you want to copy.

STEP 3: Choose the photos/videos you'd like to copy to Google Photos

You can either a) click/tap the All button to copy all photos/videos or b) click/tap the I'll choose button to select the files you'd like to copy.

Here are details on the photo/video formats we support and on our pricing.

Click/tap on the Review order button after you've selected the photos/videos to copy.

STEP 4: Review and place your order

A summary of what will be copied along with the cost will be displayed. Enter your payment information, review and accept the privacy policy and terms, and click the Pay with card button. You may also see an option to pay with Apple Pay or a saved card (Google Pay or payment cards you saved in Chrome).

STEP 5: You can optionally view the status of your photo/video copy

If you leave for any reason, not to worry, Gather will keep right on copying.

STEP 6: All set!

Gather will send a receipt for paid orders. There are a few options to share your experience and/or earn referral rewards. Click on the Download log button if you'd like a CSV file with all of the details (preview URL for the photo/video on the respective platform, size, and more) of the photos/videos that were copied to your Google Photos library.

Finally, as an added convenience Gather automatically creates an album in Google Photos with all of the photos/videos that were copied for your order.

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