Where can I copy from?

You can copy your photos and videos from Dropbox, Facebook, and/or Instagram. You can copy your photos from Flickr (we currently do not support copying videos from Flickr).

Gather has been reviewed and approved by each platform so that we may offer it to everyone that uses those platforms.

Where can I copy to?

You can copy your photos/videos to Google Photos.

Gather has been reviewed and approved by Google and we can proudly say that we are an official Google Photos partner.

Why is Google Photos the only option to copy to?

There are two reasons. First, we currently feel that Google Photos is the best app for managing photos and videos across different kinds of laptop/desktop computers (Windows, Mac) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). It allows you to easily share photos and videos digitally, display them on a TV screen and leverage world class artificial intelligence to search, organize, and automatically create photo books, animations, movies, slideshows, shared albums using the photos and videos in your library. 

Secondly, Google Photos has the largest user base using a wide variety of devices. It made sense for us to begin with Google Photos. In fact, Gather is part of the Google Photos Partner Program.

We will continue to carefully monitor what's possible with other products to offer more options. Please stay tuned.

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